Beats on a scene in Casablanca - Josep

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Scene Beats
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Rick scene goal
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Ilsa scene goal
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How would you do it without NotesOnAScene?

Using Youtube's general comments

Without NotesOnAScene, you can explain in the general comments section like this:

00:05.75 Beat #1: Approaching her / Ignoring him.

00:13 Beat #2: Protecting her / Rejecting Rick's advance.

00:16.4 Beat #3: Apologizing / Rejecting him again.

00:30 Beat #4: Excuse making / Rejecting Rick for the fourth time.

00:38 Beat #5: Getting his foot in the door / Opening the door a crack.

00:42.8 Beat #6: Getting down on his knees / Asking for more.

00:47.3 Beat #7: Guilt-tripping her / Guilt-tripping him back.

01:00 Beat #8: Saying goodbye / Refusing to react.

01:16 Beat #9: Calling her a coward / Calling him a fool.

01:24 Beat #10: Sexually propositioning her / Hiding her reaction.

01:33 Beat #11: Calling her a whore / Crushing him with the news.

What could you do with NotesOnAScene:

Teaching online

A teacher can SHOW, DON'T TELL, his students all the subtext behind each scene's beat.

He can EXPOSE the beats to the utmost detail, showing even the hidden tensions within the characters if he wants to.

This way, his students can fully grasp the techniques of the craft to a detail they can try to emulate in another story script.


An online professor can ask her students, as an exercise, to identify the beats of the scene, and later correct them online too.


Script doctor online consultation

A script consultant can SHOW to his prospect clients how professionals did one particular scene, and more importantly, reveal to them why that wonderful scene is the way it is.

Why would he do that? To, again, show how he could help his clients with a consultation. Show what he can do for them. Show his strengths, how deep or complex he can analyze a scene, how he can expose where the author is wrong and expose how to use what tips and tricks of the craft.


An aspiring or amateur scriptwriter or novelist, who tries to create a story out inspired by a movie, but stuck and self-defeated, unable to "get the point" could hire a script doctor to help him uncover how to do it.

The script doctor could use NotesOnAScene as a scene analysis tool, showing him the role that each of the parts of the scene plays.

Also, the expert could show to his client, with more synched and labeled comments, where the similarities between that scene and his story end, and where he should observe that the differences begin.